The Scheduling Calibration Exercise

If you’ve ever sensed frustration with the way the day flows in your practice, the Scheduling Calibration Exercise can be a simple game-changer! The idea is for the administrative and clinical teams to spend scheduled time (about 20 minutes) to analyze the schedule. You might look both at a day that went extremely well, and one that felt a little bit off. What were the best and worst elements of each? Were larger cases scheduled at times when the doctor prefers to perform them? Did it feel like there was a good flow between the doctor’s and Hygienists’ schedules?

Taking a proactive approach to setting  and agreeing on scheduling expectations will make for a more productive, rewarding day. Give it a try…you got this!


If you’d like the companion notes that go with the Scheduling Calibration Exercise video, click here for a direct download.

I also mentioned the Intentional Communication Checklist during the webinar. This is a simple list of ways to make sure your communication is rock solid. Download it here!

Thanks again for joining the webinar. I look forward to being with you again soon!


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