People ask me often, “Sam, how do I get good people to stay?”


For me this one is really straight forward….. Start them right! Make sure they have clear expectations on what jobs and tasks they are to perform each day and how to do those jobs. In other words, have a solid job description laid out for them. Make sure you provide the proper tools, clarity, and training to complete those tasks.


Next, be honest when they aren’t doing something to your liking. You don’t have to be a jerk, but tell them if you want something done differently. They cannot read your mind! TELL THEM! Being clear is kind…thank you Brene Brown for teaching us that.


Lastly, listen to them! Ask your team members questions, and get curious about how they are perceiving their performance. Do they feel successful? Are they understanding your expectations? Do they have ideas? Don’t be afraid to learn what our team members can teach us. You won’t fully succeed as a leader if you aren’t willing to let go of ego, and open up to what others can show you! 

Preventing turnover really comes down to good, healthy, intentional communication. If you are doing this with all of your employees, you will experience what I like to call “The Flow”, and you’ll develop a strong, thriving, healthy practice culture!

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