Watch Out World!
Readiness Program

Watch Out World!
Readiness Program

WOW Readiness Program

is a foundation for growth and a passion project that has tugged deep at Samantha’s heart for many years. WOW is committed to finding ways to help women who have suffered tragedy, loss or inequities, a way forward. This program offers personal and professional mentorship to underserved women. Following are a few ways we help women create independence, self-sufficiency, career stability, and most importantly, an empowered mindset:

• Create a vision for their life
• Build a professional resume
• Practice/Mock Interviews
• Outfitting for success/Professional Makeovers
• Job Placement or skills based internships
• Celebrations of personal/professional accomplishments

We are helping women find their way by giving them a “life skills package” that will carry them through to a successful future.

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Through inspiration, mentorship, and guidance to job placement, WOW RP, is a place that empowers and encourages ALL women to choose a journey of success, financial stability, and recognition of their strengths and skill sets. At WOW we embody the “Watch out World” mentality, meaning we know we have what it takes to reach our fullest potential, and help empower others to reach theirs too.

Our goal is to open doors to careers for women who have experienced hardship, tragedy, or have been living in impoverished communities. We will provide access to tools and resources that will give these women confidence and opportunities to jobs they couldn’t imagine themselves obtaining before. We desire to empower women into the “Watch out World” mindset, giving them the motivation to create a path for themselves that leads them to their goals and their dreams.